Mei-I Chang, Psy.D.

At the end of your day, do you ask yourself: “Is this as good as it gets?  Is this my purpose in life?”   Do you feel like you go through the motions of your life but lack a sense of satisfaction?   Are you doing things that don’t help you?   Do you want to feel closer to those around you?  Do you want a greater sense of control?  Most of us don’t choose to be unhappy or live in pain, but we need help to overcome the obstacles in life.   In order to make positive life changes, you may need someone to help identify the problem, develop a plan, and implement decisions.   You can make a choice about learning to live your life differently.   Why not make that choice today?

I’ve worked in many different private, public, non-profit, academic, and forensic settings over the past 25 years.   Everyone has inner wisdom, and I respect the discovery process.  My practice has evolved from my personal and professional experiences.   I would be honored to work with you to find your unique solutions.

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